Implementation of Digital Manufacturing Practices with US DoD

The US DoD views a strong manufacturing sector as highly strategic. Unfortunately, small and mid-sized US manufacturers have lagged large enterprise in digital manufacturing adoption.
  • Digital Manufacturing Framework
  • Digital Manufacturing Best Practices


  • A key method for manufacturers to compete and remain responsive in today’s world is via adoption of digital manufacturing practices
  • SMEs in the US manufacturing sector have lagged large enterprises, due to a combination of domain knowledge and execution ability
  • To improve the strategic posture of US manufacturing, the US DoD launched a project via the MxD Digital Manufacturing Institution to help drive identification and adoption of digital manufacturing techniques


  • In partnership with RIT, a US-based university, Cuesta is developing and deploying a web-based framework that allows manufacturers to provide company information and receive recommended digital manufacturing roadmap items
  • Through this work, Cuesta is also surveying hundreds of SMEs to capture existing pain points
  • Cuesta is additionally implementing digital manufacturing systems at several SMEs to demonstrate value capture best practices