Transaction Advisory: Merger and Acquisition Diligence for Private Equity

Transaction Advisory: Merger and Acquisition Diligence for Private Equity

Begin with Full-Service Diligence To Make a Successful M&A

How Will Technology Support Your Investment

In private equity, there are no small stakes.

Each investment, every merger and every transaction, is a big deal. Technology can make or break a deal. That’s why you need a partner who does the most thorough technology due diligence for mergers and acquisitions possible.

Our team looks at every aspect of your potential M&A — the benefits, the risks, and how you will be able to integrate post-close.

Diligence is the start of a successful M&A. We’re going to give it the thorough expertise you deserve.

The Three Step Process to Technology Due Diligence in M&A

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Evaluate Risk

What is the current and future risk of incoming technology disrupting your plans or costing you money?

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Identify Avenues for Value Creation

What are the hidden ways the underlying tech can create value for your company? Let’s find them.

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Judge Post-Close Possibilities

How much investment is going to be required to integrate? That’s part of the big picture — we’ll discover it.

“We’re willing to tell you no. If the tech behind a transaction poses too big a risk, we’ll let you know — even if it costs us money.”

— Chris Steiner
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Part of a Holistic Approach to Supporting Mergers and Acquisitions for Private Equity

How does technology support M&A for private equity? By being the right fit. By minimizing risk. By adding value.

That’s why our process is a holistic one. It starts with diligence, and moves through every stage of your investment.

Technology is a tool to help you advance. We see more, so you can make the best moves.

Private Equity Transactions are Different. We Know How They Need To Go.

Mergers and acquisitions for Private Equity firms aren’t just M&A.

They have very specific requirements to make them go well from diligence to selling. That’s why you need a partner who understands the goals and the differentiators of all your transactions.

We’re technologists who understand PE. We’ve worked in the field. We know the rules, the regulations, and the way to make transactions work. Our team is committed to each other, and driven to find the right solution.

Meet the team behind your diligence

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Diligence Is About Asking The Right Questions

So let’s start with a conversation. Connect with us today to talk about your goals.