Data Experts and Technology Advisors

Experience is our differentiator

Data Experts and Technology Advisors

We accelerate value creation through strategy and execution

See how the Cuesta Approach leads to long-term success

Execution & Orchestration

True Technology Strategy

We look at technology through the eyes of expert engineers and take that to the next level — how new acquisitions work from an executive strategy perspective.

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Your Business Goals

Technology is only a differentiator if it helps you achieve your goals — as owners and operators, we’re focused on how tech can actually support you.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Operators, Not Consultants

There are no checklists. There are no simple answers. You get unbiased analysis from people who have been in your shoes and know how to make businesses work.

Brands that Trust Us

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Work With a Team That Values Your Work

Technology can change everything. We’ll make sure it changes you for the best.

This provider was running EOL software and struggled significantly to perform simple business operations. Additionally, they sought a near-term EBITDA growth strategy in preparation for an exit. Cuesta Partners developed an ERP software selection process & EBITDA growth strategy for this $100MM client that accelerated the clinic acquisition process with an expansion of marketing and in-house technology capabilities.

  • Corporate Strategy Improved
  • Process Improvement
  • Roadmap Definition
  • Business Case Development

“You’re going to have an honest conversation, no matter what the outcome is.”

“You don’t need a consultant who sells you a product. You deserve one who helps you use technology to create a sustained, differentiated advantage.”

— Tom Derhake
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Mergers & Acquisitions: Technology Pragmatism To Make the Best Move

Our M&A teams handle commercial diligence with one goal in mind: to understand your business goals and help you achieve them. We’re with you at every step of the process.

Strategic Advisory & Transformation for Forward-Thinking Businesses

You have goals. You have long-term plans for your business. We’ll sit down with you and figure out how to leverage technology to get you there. It’s how you move from Point A to Whenever You Need to Be.

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Our Experience in Business Technology is What Makes Us Different

Engineers. Operators. Owners. Entrepreneurs. We come from the same backgrounds as our clients — and use that perspective to understand your goals.

This experience and flexibility means that we’re a team full of leaders who work differently. There’s no hierarchy. We teach each other, and we learn lessons from every project and each client.

At Cuesta, we see things differently. This helps you see even further.

Meet Cuesta Team

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Technology doesn’t wait. Let’s start the conversation.

You want to achieve all your goals. We want to hear about them. Let’s talk about the future of your technology.