Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) migration and IT organization optimization for Specialty Pharmacy

A Private Equity client acquired a niche division from a large non-profit healthcare company. The acquired entity maintain its IT capabilities through a TSA through the transition, but sought to migrate from TSA services and optimize the IT organization for future growth.
  • Designed & Executed TSA Wind-down Plan
  • Migrated Client’s External & Internal Web Support Infrastructure
  • Managed Client’s Legacy Specialty Pharma Software to Cloud Hosting
  • Designed & Implemented Security Controls


  • Documentation was unavailable on the current state environment
  • The on-premise software system was outdated and beyond support
  • The new entity lacked dedicated IT resources to support planned activities
  • There was a complex continued working agreement with the former parent entity
  • There was significant technical debt and security risk for the new entity to resolve


  • Resulting from the CIO and Cuesta’s work, the company migrated off TSA services, while implementing the required organization and operating model to efficiently support future growth
  • Cuesta identified and onboarded industry-leading MSP and MSSP partners for the client to bolster the Client’s cybersecurity posture
  • Cuesta supported the IT implementation of the client’s new distribution location
  • Cuesta managed legacy Specialty Pharmacy software to modern cloud-hosted solution