Developed Multiyear Plan to Optimize Standards Development while Preparing for Future Safety Challenges

Standards Development Organization contacted Cuesta to assist with their multiyear journey to optimize all aspects of standards development to drive greater impact and prepare for future safety challenges
  • Product Roadmap
  • Technology Diligence
  • Strategy Evaluation


  • Lack of technology experience in-house to drive product and strategy
  • Dependency on 3rd party vendor for custom product development
  • Lack of collaboration and alignment across vertical teams
  • Strong legacy and culture that makes change management more difficult


  • Introduced and developed guiding principles to drive the future vision
  • Increased documentation for proprietary software via collaboration with 3rd party vendor
  • Developed a list of requirements for future state which included an overlay of prioritization and flexibility in the options
  • Created a framework to evaluate potential vendors to solve future state needs
  • Recommended organization design changes and facilitated new leadership appointment