Careers at Cuesta

Careers at Cuesta

A cuesta is a hill or ridge with a steep face on one side and a gentle slope on the other. At Cuesta Partners, we use our experience and know-how to help our clients conquer that steep ridge that is their big technology challenges, so they can walk comfortably on a more stable footing.


Learn. Lead. Grow.

At Cuesta, we believe that at every stage of your career, you have space to learn and the ability to lead. That’s how we structure our company: we listen to the right voices at the right time. That way, on every single project, we all get better.

It’s that kind of challenge that attracts people who are fearless, curious, and entrepreneurial. No matter where you are in your career — even if you are working in a different industry altogether — a career at Cuesta might be right for you.

If you’re interested in leading, learning, and growing, talk to us. We’re interested in you.

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More Ways to Work With Us

Wherever you are in your career, we value your expertise, drive, and excitement to work.


Be part of the team. Learn from people with diverse experience. Use your experience to mentor others. Create your own path from your own interests and expertise.

Independent to full-time

You are exploring your career. You might want to kick the tires on how we do business. We always have a need for serious talent that could turn into a long-term relationship.


Consultants, experts in specific areas, and anyone else who loves the freedom 1099s bring while bringing their expertise to us. Give us a call. We’re interested in what you know.

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“I work with small teams, which gives me ownership on every project. That might be scary for some people—but I love it.”

— Danielle Dangoia-Crandall

We’re Where You Work. Not Where You Live.

At Cuesta, we believe that work-life balance is more than a slogan. It’s crucial to our colleagues, and it’s practical. It’s how we do our best work and live our best lives.

To that end, we have a minimum of two weeks PTO—and if you aren’t taking it, your manager will work with you to find time. What does a day off mean?

  • Unplug from work
  • Don’t answer emails
  • Take entire days off

We encourage up to five weeks of Paid Time Off every year. It’s critical to maintaining a good life. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for.

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“We’re building the kind of firm we’d want to work for. We’re building one where people matter.”

— Riley Scott

This global enterprise software business had grown through M&A, acquiring 7 software companies. Prior to our engagement, they were struggling to define a “North Star” strategy capable of a profitable exit.

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Product Roadmap Definition
  • Business Case Development

Driven By Values: What Does It Mean To Be Part Of Cuesta?

What do we believe in? That the best work is done in an environment where people have the power, space, and support they need to thrive. That’s the heart of our values.


We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences, and sets of ideas provide ourselves and our customers with better outcomes.


We believe work should be an ongoing win-win, balancing personal growth with company success.


We understand that self-awareness drives growth. We achieve better outcomes when we embrace our strengths and develop our weaknesses.


We believe a bias towards moving quickly and failing fast ultimately makes us more successful.


We believe in the power of great ideas, challenging convention, and a go-for-it mentality.


We promote individual balance because we believe it is critical for both our personal happiness and professional success.

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Anyone who wants to lead is right for Cuesta. Let’s discuss having you work with us.