IT Diligence and Strategy for Mergers + Acquisitions

IT Diligence and Strategy for Mergers + Acquisitions

Know Everything About Your Next Move Before You Move

How Well Does Your Acquisition Support Your Business?

Technology is exciting. It’s a differentiator. Acquiring new capabilities and offerings seems like the right move — but only if it supports the short-and-long term goals of your business.

At Cuesta Partners, you get unbiased analysis about the ramifications of any merger or acquisition. We have a lens of technology expertise and a business focus. We’ll take a look at the positives, the negatives, and all the possibilities.

Because it’s not about the technology. It’s just about what the tech will do for you.

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Specializing in Technology Diligence for Private Equity Mergers and Acquisitions

Private Equity M&A works differently. Your investment horizons can be shorter.

Your strategies for profit are different than long-term buy-and-hold investments. You might be planning to keep investing in part of a company while carving out other parts.

No matter what, your technology acquisitions have to be compatible with your overall goals. You aren’t going to invest for the sake of investing. It has to make sense.

We understand that. We specialize in technology and IT diligence for private equity mergers and acquisitions. Our team has the experience and the expertise to give you clear, unbiased, advice. It’s how we support your goals, no matter how you define them.

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Technology-Focused Diligence For Every Stage of Your Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are full of constantly-moving pieces, and technology has to support all of them.

No matter where you are in the process, you have to have support for the present and a plan for the future. As operators, we know how to create value out of complexity, and keep your plans moving forward.

See the Gotchas. Avoid the Black Holes.

What are the hidden costs of a merger or acquisition? Will you be able to scale it? Will it be too expensive to integrate into your existing systems? Will it be valuable when you want to sell it?

Too many mergers are focused on immediate gains. We’ll make sure there aren’t pitfalls that trip you up. Because we’re concerned about the big picture — making your business succeed.

“Know if a deal is right for you—and if it isn’t”

“We’re going to tell you if a deal is bad. We’re not going to sugarcoat things just to get a full fee. We’ll tell you if a deal is bad, and you’ll get a discounted rate. It’s just part of how we look out for you.”

— Chris Steiner

The Private Equity group (PE) sought to purchase a majority stake in a web-based investment management platform, but needed to first understand the scalability of its customer-facing technology and internal systems.

  • Back-Office & Internal Technology Diligence
  • Custom Software Product Technology Review


Start With the Scope

“You’re going to get a bespoke scope that’s not based on a checklist — it’s based on a true deep dive into what the M&A will actually entail.”

Work with Experienced Engineers and Operators

“We’re consultants who have frequently been in your shoes — we’ve built and run businesses and worked as engineers. We know that to look for”

Build a nuanced view

“You want a report that looks at every detail and takes everything into account. It entails more than what looks pretty on a slide.”

Make decisions based on your business

“You’ll get reporting based on what we call Technology Pragmatism — how will this actually work? How well does this support your business?”

Understand the Markets. Understand Your Next Move.

What are your competitors doing? What are the features and functionalities you’ll need to succeed? What are the small and large market trends that are going to impact your business?

Answering these questions is as important to M&A diligence as “will this technology work?” That’s why Market Analysis is a vital part of our business. We look at every factor when it comes to consultations — no detail is too small, and no overview is too wide.

You see the full picture before you make your next move.

“Our IT diligence process doesn’t just “check the box.” We tailor our approach to identify the risks and value creation opportunities pertinent to the investment theses of our clients.”

— Jamie Reingruber
Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Lead
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Move Fast. But Don’t Break Things.

Work with a team that has the expertise to work at the speed of your acquisition, but never steer you in the wrong direction.