Diligence for Private Equity backed Web-based Investment Management Platform

The Private Equity group (PE) sought to purchase a majority stake in a web-based investment management platform, but needed to first understand the scalability of its customer-facing technology and internal systems.
  • Back-Office & Internal Technology Diligence
  • Custom Software Product Technology Review


  • The PE firm sought to understand the scalability and fidelity of the underlying technology to the Company’s customer-facing platform
  • The PE firm sought an opinion on the frameworks used to develop the core of the Company’s proprietary platforms
  • The Company had a small but competent team. The PE firm sought feedback on the team’s hiring plan
  • The PE firm wanted to identify technology investments needed to support the Company after close


  • Cuesta delivered a comprehensive report of the internal systems, team assessment, SDLC practices, internal BI and custom software applications which gave the PE firm comfort with the underlying tech of their investment and the Company a guide to its roadmap post-close
  • Cuesta determined minor investments to help the proprietary customer-facing application unlock further scale
  • Cuesta maintains a relationship with the PE firm and the Company as an advisor