Toward Transformation: Technology Strategy + Advisory

Toward Transformation: Technology Strategy + Advisory

Our deep experience helps you plan for growth and implement successful strategies

How Do You Get From Where You Are To Where You Need To Be

Where do you want to be next year? How do you want to interact with the markets? How do you want your employees to interact with your technology? You probably have goals — now you need to get there.

At Cuesta, we work with organizations to identify their goals and align their technology strategy to meet those goals. It’s how technology supports everything you do.

Identify the right tools. Plan for organizational adoption. Smoothly implement new processes. We do everything with your business goals front-and-center.

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“We really liked Cuesta’s thoughtful, pragmatic approach and leveraged them for product strategy, which they delivered at high quality.”

“Cuesta was truly a trusted partner. They additionally jumped into other tricky technology situations, rolled up their sleeves and helped us navigate the path forward.”

— Pat Shanahan

Dream Big and Make it Happen: Your Technology Strategy Transformation

There are two sides to a successful technology strategy transformation. We’re with you the entire way.

Execution & Orchestration

Technology Strategy and Planning

What do you need? How can you technology support your business goals? Let’s identify the right paths and roadmap the way down them. Our process involves:

  • Robust discovery: we get to you your business and know your people
  • Goal identification: what do you actually want to do?
  • Define organizational success: how will this be a good engagement even beyond KPIs?
  • Create statement of work: a collaborative process to create clear pathways

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Deep Technology Knowledge

Execution Orchestration

How does a plan become a reality? How do you encourage adoption, promote buy-in, and support your people. We’ll help make all that happen. Our process involves:

  • Flexibility: Constant check-ins to identify any shifting goals
  • Lessons-learned: Take what we’re learning and keep reapplying it
  • Collaboration: Working with you, not as a consultant, but a partner
  • Hands-on: We enjoy our engagements, and want to be by your side

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“We’re not here to simply listen and repackage your narrative. We pride ourselves in bringing battle-tested points of view to our recommendations.”

— Darren Peirce
Partner, Strategy Lead

We’re Driven To Support Your Business, Because We’ve Been There

At Cuesta, we’re experts in technology, but our focus is your business. We’ve been operators. We’ve been owners. We know that technology is a crucial part of driving growth, and that it has to support the whole organization.

Our ethos is to work with you the way we’d want a technology partner to work with us. Unbiased advice. Honest insights. An aversion to being a “yes man”. Just a true partner.

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Change Is a Process. We’ll Make It Work For Everyone.

Your people. Your technology. The future of your business. We look at everything, so you can see further down the road.