The History of Cuesta Partners

Cuesta’s founders have worked together for more than a decade and have known each other much longer. We’re close friends, raise our families together, and share a passion for our work.

Why We Started Cuesta

We built Cuesta to be the company we always wanted to work at.

It starts with our culture, which combines an open, convivial spirit and a dedication to excellence and hard work. We view Cuesta as a platform for our team’s professional and personal growth and we continuously invest in providing a supportive, challenging environment. Cuesta’s commitment to clients starts with a commitment to our team members.

Who Are Our Customers

Our customers tend to be sourced via referral and we view their success as imperative to our own.

The businesses we work for are a combination of public companies and private equity & VC-backed businesses. Cuesta’s work often focuses on solving unstructured, consequential problems related to technology, products, and operations.

Learn About Our Engagements

Technology is Our Core

Cuesta’s team includes a diverse set of operators with complementary domain experiences, all built on strong technology foundations.

Throughout our professional lives, we’ve guided and experienced the indelible impact technology makes on how companies operate and compete. Combining this knowledge of how to create value via technology with a pragmatism drawn from our experience as operators puts our clients in an advantageous position—and it serves as our North Star.

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