Cybersecurity Advisory For Your Next Move

Cybersecurity Advisory For Your Next Move

Protect your technology, your reputation and your bottom line

Grow, Merge, and Evolve While Minimizing Risk

Cybersecurity is one of the most important investments a business can make. Whether integrating new technology for a future-state business plan or merging the technology of new acquisitions, change can make you vulnerable. 

Our experience and expertise identifies and minimizes those vulnerabilities, leaving you set for growth. The Cuesta Partners process involves:

  • Cyber posture assessment
  • Cyber policy and organizational design plan
  • Cyber posture transformation and remediation
  • Cyber diligence
  • Post M&A cyber risk remediation plan 

Your present. Your future. Your reputation. We’ll keep them protected. 

“Cybersecurity has to involve every aspect of your business. Our experience with businesses like yours helps us see what other people miss.”

— Chris Steiner

Making Cybersecurity Part of Everything You Do

Cybersecurity is about technology, but fundamentally, it is about how you run your business. It’s about people. 

From awareness to buy-in to adoption, your entire organization needs to be on board. It’s not about buying a patch — it’s about creating a culture of security. 

Our experience in planning and building cybersecurity plans for organizations like yours helps us see every loose end and tie them up. We’ll work directly with you to get everyone to work together.

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About the Team Behind Your Cybersecurity 

Operators. Technologists. People who have worked on hundreds of products, but know that you have unique needs. We’re not here to pull something off the shelf. We’re here to work with you. 

Our team has worked in both the public and private sector, digging through the aftermath of an attack and proactively protecting clients from any further incidents. We are committed to each other, and driven to strengthen your security.

Meet the team that can protect your technology

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Bring On Something New. Don’t Bring More Risk.

Evolving your organization shouldn’t expose you to cyber risk. We’ll help you create a plan that protects your future.