Cloud and Technology Infrastructure Consulting

Cloud and Technology Infrastructure Consulting

Migration. Transformation. We’ll Guide Your Journey To The Next Level. 

Strategy, Implementation, and Diligence For Building Your New Technology Infrastructure 

You’re building. Whether you’re trying to plan for the future of your business or acquiring new companies to your portfolio, you need an infrastructure that will support your goals. You need an infrastructure that fits your short and long-term objectives. 

Our expertise can help you identify, acquire, and implement the right infrastructure to build around. This includes:


  • Cloud migration and multi-cloud strategy
  • Cloud migration roadmap strategy
  • Cloud and data center transformation
  • Infrastructure diligence
  • Post M&A cyber risk remediation plan

“The critical components within your infrastructure are often the backbone of your business operating smoothly. Whether it’s a data center migration, infrastructure modernization, or cyber risk assessment remediation we’ll bring our breadth of experience to bear to help you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions.”

— Danielle Dangoia-Crandall

Build Cloud and Technology Infrastructure For Your People

Any adoption, migration, or integration of technology can be a risk. If it interferes with workflows, upends processes, and reduces accessibility, it won’t work.

That’s why you want a cloud and technology infrastructure consulting team that looks at your entire business. 

At Cuesta Partners, we’ve been operators, we’ve run businesses and we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations like yours. We know what to look for underneath the hood, so we can make the engine run smoothly. 

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Part of Our Full Suite of Digital Technology Expertise 

Infrastructure is just one part of your technology needs.

We have the experience and the vision to see how they all connect, and how to connect them to the future of your business. 


About the Team Behind Your Infrastructure and Cloud Platforms 

Operators. Technologists. People who have worked on hundreds of platforms, but know that you have unique needs. We’re not here to pull something off the shelf. We’re here to work with you. 

Meet the team

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Create an Infrastructure for Success

When your cloud and technology infrastructure supports your business goals, you get to where you want to go. We’ll make sure you get there.