The Cuesta Approach: Better Technology in Decision Making

The Cuesta Approach: Better Technology in Decision Making

Overview: Creating Opportunity By Seeing More

You have an outcome in mind. You have goals, in the medium and the long-term. You know where you want to go. But you don’t always know the best path to get there.

At Cuesta, our experience lets us see the end goal and see the most profitable path. That means understanding your business, and understanding the technology that can create a better outcome.

We pride ourselves on seeing all the opportunities and all the obstacles. You get unbiased advice, a long-term partnership, and a clear path to success.

Here’s how we do it

The Cuesta Approach: Tech-Focused, Business-Obsessed

Execution & Orchestration

A Technology-Focused Strategy

Technology is a differentiator. We’re experts in technology, and we know what will work, what will be compatible, what will be a challenge, and what will help lift up your business.

We’re not going to steer you toward the shiniest piece of tech or the hottest new market sector. We’re going to plan around the technology that actually advances your business goals.

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Your Business. Your Goals.

How does technology work for your business? Will it actually advance your goals, or is it just a cool thing to buy? That’s the context that matters most. Technology should always work in the service of your objectives.

We’re going to know your goals. And we’re going to do whatever it takes to get you there.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Operators Who have Been There

As operators and owners, we know the promise of straightforward, expert advice. We know what businesses need, and the pressure to get it right. That’s why we create unique solutions for all our clients.

That’s why you want a partner who does more than check boxes or who works off a spreadsheet. You deserve a partner who knows what you need do to reach your goals.

“Technology impacts your decision making. We’re going to help you make the right decision, every time.”

— Riley Scott

The Cuesta Approach Treats Your Business Like Our Business

We’re tech geeks. We’re business owners.

We’re experienced industry veterans and eager newcomers. But what we all have in common is that we really care about your business. Your projects and acquisitions are interesting. And we give them the care they deserve. This means:


  • No pre-made plans or standard checklists
  • Unbiased, independent advice
  • Straightforward communication
  • The willingness to tell you not to do a deal
  • Creative thinking
  • Unique approaches to your unique business

A Different Way of Building Our Teams

At Cuesta, we believe in a few things. We believe that the person with the longest resume isn’t automatically correct. The freshest b-school ideas aren’t always the best ones. We don’t believe in hierarchies: we believe in ideas.

That means the best ideas rise to the top. Anyone can take the lead on a project if they have the knowledge, the drive, and the ability to make them work for your business.

It’s not the way everyone does things. But it’s how you get the technology-focused, business-driven advice you deserve.

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Your Business. Your Goals. Our Expertise.

You have goals. You have a desired outcome. Whether we’re taking a product to market, doing diligence on a deal, or searching the far horizon, we’ll get you there.

It might be uphill. But with Cuesta, you’ll get straightforward advice that gets you to level ground.