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About Cuesta Partners

A different way of doing business. A better outcome for our clients.

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There’s A Better Way For Technology To Support Your Business

Products to push. Checklists to check. Buying technology and making mergers for the sake of an itemized bill. That’s how a lot of consultants treat their clients — as an avenue for quick revenue.

That’s not the way we wanted to do things. That’s why we founded Cuesta Partners.

We know technology is a vital part of your business, and so we put it front and center of everything we do. We are a firm that sees you as a long-term partner, and wants you to find the best path for long-term growth.

We do things differently. Because your business deserves it.

See how Our History Supports Your Future

Meet The Team Behind Cuesta Partners

We come from a lot of different backgrounds. Operators, owners, investors, consultants. We have people come from completely different industries — and that’s exciting to us.

Why? Because we believe that a diversity of thought and experience translates to a stronger team and to better outcomes.

Meet the Team

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Our Team Structure: Results, Not Resumes

Hierarchies stifle creativity. Top-down structures don’t let talent rise. Keeping team members quiet means not hearing the right answer.

That’s why we’re structured differently. We have teams that mix and match. We’re all teachers, and we’re all students. If the newest hire has experience with a specific technology, the oldest person in the firm listens to them.

Why? Well, because it’s more fun that way. It allows us to let talent grow and develop. But mostly because it gets our clients the best results.

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Get Excited About Technology

Let’s talk about your goals. Let’s talk about your technology. Let’s talk about how our team can help you take your business to the next level.