Data Strategy and Analytics Consulting

Data Strategy and Analytics Consulting

Get More From Your Data To Unlock Better Insights and Increase Value

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How The Best Companies Leverage Data

The art of data enablement is in identifying how new and better data can take your product offerings to the next level and increase your distinction in the market.

The use of focused insights in execution not only helps your bottom line but also frees up your team to create more value.

The team at Cuesta has extensive experience supporting data-forward product strategies. Our expertise in business and technology strategy enables us to quickly identify ways to leverage insights from your data, and our subject matter experts can support transformative improvement in your ongoing execution.

“In today’s world, every company is effectively a data company.  We understand how to get insights quickly and practically from your data to help your business operate and your products delight users.”

— Holt Zeidler
Principal, Data Practice Lead

How Data Helps Your Plan for the Future

Data isn’t a burden – it’s a tool. Analyzing it and using it correctly gives you the ability to achieve all your business goals. Our experts are here to make it happen.

Product Data Strategy

Take advantage of all the data you can to derive strategic product insights and get a step-up on your competition

Business Operations

Improve your operations and helping your business focus on strategy instead of back-office processes

Data Diligence

Peek around the corner and create targeted approaches your business and execution challenges

Enable AI and Machine Learning

Assess readiness for AI/ML and separate which projects you should undertake and lay the foundation for others.

“We turn ‘what if’ into ‘what’s next.’ We can help source, refine, and utilize your company’s most valuable asset”

— Zach Papin
Senior Associate
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About the Team Behind Your Data Analytics and Strategy Consulting

Operators. Technologists. People who have navigated hundreds of data sets, but know that you have unique needs. We’re not here to pull something off the shelf. We’re here to work with you. 

Our team has experience in countless visualization tools, languages, and platforms. We’ve helped our clients navigate through complex data strategy and stand-up solutions that best support their business. Our team is committed to each other, and driven to find the right solution.

Meet the data team 

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Harness Your Data. Make It Work For You. 

Data enablement takes your business to the next level. Our experts are here to enable your success.