Technology Divestments and Carveouts

Technology Divestments and Carveouts

Make your transactions a success for everyone involved

Companies Are Connected — Keep Them Together Even While Divesting

In theory, every carveout and divestiture is easy: you carve out part of the company, and profit. But they are never that simple. Modern companies are too connected and too integrated to have a clean break. The problem is, these connections aren’t dealt with until the end of the sale. 

At Cuesta, we see the connections from the start. We go beyond the spreadsheet to understand how carveouts and divestitures impact your entire business. And we make it work. 

A successful carveout or divestiture is a key part of the M&A process. We’ll help you keep your eye on the ball until it is complete. 

Plan the Critical Path in Technology Divestments and Carveouts

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Tech Systems

Make sure your tech can be easily disjoined without creating problems in communication, process, or security

Honesty Above All Else

People Systems

How your people handle changes to the technology systems is a key part of success on every side of the carveout and divestiture

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Financial Systems 

Incoming and outgoing payments, transactions, and more need to be safely and securely accounted for to avoid disruption

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Private Equity Transactions are Different. We Know How They Need To Go. 

Mergers and acquisitions for Private Equity firms aren’t just M&A. They have very specific requirements to make them go well from diligence to selling. That’s why you need a partner who understands the goals and the differentiators of all your transactions. 

We’re technologists who understand PE. We’ve worked in the field. We know the rules, the regulations, and the way to make transactions work. Our team is committed to each other, and driven to find the right solution. 

Meet the team behind your carveout

Part of a Holistic Approach to Supporting Mergers and Acquisitions for Private Equity

How does technology support M&A for private equity? By being the right fit. By minimizing risk. By adding value. That’s why our process is a holistic one. It starts with diligence, and moves through every stage of your investment. 

Technology is a tool to help you advance. We see more, so you can make the best moves. 

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Carve Out a Path To Success

A proper carveout and divestiture is the capstone to a private equity investment. We’ll make sure your technology facilitates that success.