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Software Systems & Platforms, Technology Strategy + Planning
ERP Selection at $100m Healthcare Client

This provider was running EOL software and struggled significantly to perform simple business operations. Additionally, they sought a near-term EBITDA growth strategy in preparation for an exit. Cuesta Partners developed an ERP software selection process & EBITDA growth strategy for this $100MM client that accelerated the clinic acquisition process with an expansion of marketing and…

Technology Strategy + Planning
Enterprise Software Product Strategy

This global enterprise software business had grown through M&A, acquiring 7 software companies. Prior to our engagement, they were struggling to define a “North Star” strategy capable of a profitable exit.

Execution Orchestration, Software Systems & Platforms, Technology Strategy + Planning
Automation and Supply Chain Optimization for Automotive

This automotive manufacturing company was challenged to improve their technology, supply chain, and process maturity at the same rapid pace they were growing.

Technology Strategy + Planning
Digital Manufacturing Practices with US DoD

The US DoD views a strong manufacturing sector as highly strategic. Unfortunately, small and mid-sized US manufacturers have lagged large enterprise in digital manufacturing adoption.

Product Management, Technology Strategy + Planning
Product Strategy for $30B Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

This scientific instrument manufacturing company contracted Cuesta to provide product management best practices and to collaboratively work to streamline and prioritize their product backlog.

Data Strategy & Analytics, Technology Strategy + Planning
Data Unification for $30B Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

The Company contracted Cuesta to provide a North Star Strategy required to make informed tactical decisions on how best to architect their underlying data and technology structure the supporting teams across different business units

Product Management, Software Systems & Platforms, Technology Strategy + Planning
Strategic Roadmap for Standards Development Organization

Standards Development Organization contacted Cuesta to assist with their multiyear journey to optimize all aspects of standards development to drive greater impact and prepare for future safety challenges

Post-Merger Integration, Technology Strategy + Planning
TSA management and IT optimization for Specialty Pharmacy

A Private Equity client acquired a niche division from a large non-profit healthcare company. The acquired entity maintain its IT capabilities through a TSA through the transition, but sought to migrate from TSA services and optimize the IT organization for future growth.

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