Improved the Supply Chain of $20B Automotive Manufacturer and Increased its Adoption of Automation

This automotive manufacturing company was challenged to improve their technology, supply chain, and process maturity at the same rapid pace they were growing.
  • Business Case Definition
  • Software Platform Design / Build
  • Development Partner Selection


  • The Company’s rapid growth strained smooth operations of existing production lines
  • To keep up with demand, it was critical to increase automation and capacity of the rapidly evolving supply chain
  • Ongoing BOM volatility further complicated efforts to streamline global supply chain logistics


  • Cuesta identified several areas to increase the adoption of technology to introduce automation and redundancy into the global supply chain’s processes
  • These recommendations, backed by business cases, included quick wins and mid-term foundational improvement elements
  • Engagement results include reduced latency in the supply chain and enabled human attention to be redirected from rote tasks to value-added activities

Global Operations