Simón Vallejo Valencia
Simón Vallejo Valencia
Data Visualization Specialist

Focus Areas
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Modeling
  • Change Management
  • B.S. in International Business, EAFIT University
Data Visualization Specialist

Simón Vallejo Valencia

Simon is a data visualization expert with extensive experience designing and implementing impactful dashboards that drive data-driven decision-making.

Simon shares his passion for data through the design and development of insightful dashboards that help leaders make better business decisions. Through his experience supporting Tableau and PowerBI implementations for global businesses, he has experienced how adopting a data-driven culture enables leaders to achieve strategic growth and continuous improvement.

Simon brings a wealth of experience working with cross-functional teams to understand business challenges and produce reports that empower users to leverage new technology solutions effectively.

Before joining Cuesta, Simon was a data visualization specialist at an international manufacturing company. He led the build, implementation, and training of new Tableau and Power BI dashboards for hundreds of team members across the organization.

Simon joined Cuesta Partners to hone his skills in data visualization, engineering, and architecture. Cuesta’s methodology empowers him to collaborate seamlessly with team members and clients to conceptualize and implement solutions that enhance business processes and deliver value to customers.

Simon lives in Medellín, Colombia. On weekends, he enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and learning new skills.