Many U.S. manufacturers are more than one evolution behind. But clever sensors and software can help old shops quickly become new ones.

Quick Start Report: Cuesta can drop in on a factory/process and produce a report detailing quick wins via technology in a matter of weeks. Manufacturers can start small and build their way toward a modern end-to-end set of processes from supply-chain to inventory to production and delivery.

Automation Assessment: Any examination around streamlining manufacturing operations starts with harnessing the right data. Cuesta can help manufacturers get relevant data off of their current operations quickly, which provides us with a starting point for determining pinch points and where to focus automation efforts.

Platform Agnostic: There are many suitable platforms for companies looking to push their operations to the forefront of Industry 4.0, from MES packages with hooks into SAP to cloud offerings such as Tulip and Red Zone. Cuesta can help manufacturers hone in on the software and hardware that’s best for their particular use case, and get it rolled out quickly.

The Automated Warehouse is real

Most firms find selling data difficult. This doesn’t mean their data isn’t valuable, however. Most companies simply aren’t doing the right things to extract the value of their data.