Improved Data Reporting and Access for PE-Backed Lab Device Supplier

Our client is a private-equity-backed science and laboratory device supplier. The Company had siloed data sources and long lead times to deliver IT initiatives that impacted a newly formed analytics center.
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • NorthStar data analytics roadmap
  • Deployment of modern data infrastructure


  • The Company operated on a legacy, on-premise ERP system with an IBM Informix database
  • Complex data processing caused severe production outages and delaying access to data
  • Over reliance on IT caused bottlenecks in workflow stream which led to long lead times for data requests
  • The incumbent CIO had strong traditional IT-centric view on analytics


  • Cuesta implemented a fully-managed, modern data stack with pre-built connectors for most of the Company’s data sources (including Informix, SF, GA)
  • Data processing transitioned from the source systems to a modern data platform thus shifting the processing burden away from production
  • The solution provided non-IT resources the ability to connect to the systems for analytics
  • Cuesta demonstrated value of BI and coached C-suite on the benefits to using a modern data approach