Product Strategy and SDLC maturation for $30B Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

This scientific instrument manufacturing company contracted Cuesta to provide product management best practices and to collaboratively work to streamline and prioritize their product backlog.
  • Roadmap Definition
  • SDLC Blueprint
  • Product Advisory



  • Product managers felt an insurmountable challenge as they had a clear future vision but were not clear on what would be an ideal MVP
  • Team struggled with conflicting opinions from stakeholders and redundancy in software across the company, with voice of the customer being diluted along the way
  • The Company’s cross-functional team needed to share a fully-aligned SDLC approach, including best practices and roles / responsibilities


  • Cuesta brought a four-person team to identify key areas of focus and alignment within the organization and across business units
  • Cuesta assessed the current state of technology assets and preferred customer relationships
  • Leveraging this information, Cuesta generated a blueprint for adoption of specific SDLC best practices, including refinement of roles and responsibilities
    Worked collaboratively with
  • The Company streamlined the product backlog and prioritized key development initiatives that best supported corporate strategy