Logistics and Technology Experts

Logistics and Technology Experts

Taking a proactive approach to technology to achieve operational and commercial impact

Navigating the Landscape to Power Your Growth Agenda and Optimize Performance

Embrace your digital transformation journey to make critical technology decisions for enhanced competitive advantage.

In a world where technology is disrupting traditional business models and creating new paradigms of operation, the logistics sector stands to benefit immensely from adoption.

However, finding expertise in both technology and logistics is difficult – particularly with competition between tech-native entrants and legacy players.

That’s where Cuesta Partners comes in. We have deep specialism in all aspects of supply chain strategy, helping 3PSs, tech platforms and shippers to fulfil their business objectives and growth initiatives.

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“We were looking for a partner to improve our technology, supply chain, and process maturity at the same rapid pace we were growing. Cuesta identified several areas to increase the adoption of technology to introduce automation and redundancy into the global supply chain’s processes.”

— $20B automotive manufacturer

“Our team was leveraging fragmented and inefficient legacy software which was impacting client response and compliance. We worked with Cuesta to select and rollout a custom platform which will greatly improve our margins and minimize risk.”

— $300m global customs broker

“We needed a partner capable of identifying a North Star strategy, garnering buy-in from the executive team, and then rapidly actioning the recommendation. Cuesta rapidly progressed the discovery phase and increased time-to-value for our product strategy engagement.”

— $4B+ freight under management 3PL provider
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A Suite of Services to Support You on Your Technology Journey

Cuesta has a comprehensive set of digital services to ensure successful execution for today’s logistics leaders. We aim to help you optimize performance, grow the top-line and increase profitability levers.

Technology Roadmap

Transformation needs to be a business priority, not just a technology project. We ground the roadmap in customer-centric business objectives and growth initiatives where technology is the enabler, not the outcome.

Data Strategy

Just selecting and implementing software is insufficient to realize intended business value. Integration and data are key. We will “widen the aperture” in the technology roadmap to leverage the flexible integration and unlock data across the enterprise. We view data as a key area for competitive advantage for any logistics player.

Software Selection

Navigate the vast logistics landscape of emerging software solutions and custom tech with our expertise, ensuring the selection of the right tools for your firm. Streamline your search process through buy vs. build analyses, market assessments, and vendor selection processes, making informed choices that drive efficiency and success for your organization.

Delivery Assurance

The best roadmaps and strategies are meaningless without effective execution. We provide delivery assurance and program management best practices to create leverage for you and to manage vendor partners. We know the logistics space and how to help you deliver projects with precision. 

Supporting customers through a deal lifecycle

Logistics operators are increasingly focusing on mergers and acquisitions to boost resilience in today’s volatile market. Cuesta helps clients optimize their operations and investments before (pre-close), during (post-close) and after (exit) a hold period. We specialize in:

About the Team Behind Your Technology Journey

Operators. Technologists. People who have years of experience in logistics but know that you have unique needs. We’re not here to pull something off the shelf. We’re here to work with you.

We are operators, not just consultants. We have been in your shoes and can relate to your existing pain points. Cuesta is comprised of top talent and is focused on bringing the right mix of technology and industry knowledge to tackle your hardest problems.


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Optimize Your Business to Satisfy Customer Needs and Drive Substantial Value

At Cuesta, we are supporting companies every day to discover limitless new possibilities with technology. Contact us today to learn more – we’re eager to help!