Aerospace & Defense Experts

Aerospace & Defense Experts

Accelerating Your Technology Journey to Propel Growth and Innovation

Take a Clear Path to Your Future State

Embracing new technology is key to withstanding today’s challenges and emerging ahead of the competition.

The aerospace and defense industry (A&D) has been responsible for some of humanity’s most remarkable technological achievements. Yet, with the next wave of disruptive technology on the horizon, uncertainty looms large in an increasingly challenging climate.

That’s where Cuesta Partners comes in. We specialize in working with senior leaders in the industry to help them overcome existing barriers and fully realize the value of technology. Our expertise and guidance can help navigate today’s challenges and unlock a better future.

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“We were looking for a partner to help evaluate our technology approach to enable our founder’s vision. Cuesta understood the mission of building new tech in a startup environment, but also had the experience delivering enterprise systems at scale.”

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A Trusted Advisor for Technology Strategy and Digital Transformation

Extensive Industry Experience

From established aircraft OEMs to fast-growing space startups, we bring industry expertise to your technology challenges.

Nimble and Adaptable

Your challenges are complex and dynamic. Cuesta starts with a small core team and brings the necessary experts to the table as needs arise.

Deep Technology Knowledge

From software to analytics to cybersecurity, we have subject matter experts to inform nearly every aspect of your digital transformation.

Honesty Above All Else

Cuesta prides itself on having honest conversations with clients, regardless of the outcome. We are technology-agnostic and don’t sell tech products.

A Suite of Capabilities to Support You on Your Technology Journey

Cuesta has a comprehensive set of digital services to help today’s aerospace and defense leaders maximize their technology investments and accelerate speed to market. Our team has in-depth expertise across the industry, and we bring a rich portfolio of projects and innovations to help business leaders address their most pressing challenges.

Tech Strategy & Optimization

Tech Strategy & Optimization

We take a holistic view at your tech stack to see how it can best meet the needs of the business today and into the future through the most agile and innovative means. Whether exploring a new ERP system, integrating digital capabilities across the shop floor, consolidating or modernizing software, or better leveraging data to drive business value, our experts have a suite of accelerators to quickly uncover hidden opportunities and unlock value creation.

Data Enablement

Data Enablement

We help businesses to create differentiation through best use of data. Our experts assess the data tooling supporting an enterprise or a given business function (e.g. supply chain, MRO, accounting, etc.) and develop a comprehensive strategic roadmap to achieve a desired future state. We view data as a growth lever to help you to realize a world of new possibilities.

Execution & Orchestration

Execution & Orchestration

Great strategy needs great execution. Cuesta helps A&D clients drive their most pressing initiatives forward, whether it’s a broad technology roadmap, establishing a modern BI stack, or providing delivery assurance on critical technology projects.

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About the Team Behind Your Digital Transformation

Operators. Technologists. People who have years of experience in A&D but know that you have unique needs. We’re not here to pull something off the shelf. We’re here to work with you.

We are operators, not just consultants. We have been in your shoes and can relate to your existing pain points. Cuesta is comprised of top talent and is focused on bringing the right mix of technology and industry knowledge to tackle your hardest problems.


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Increase efficiency, agility, and time-to-market

Digital transformation is easy to say, hard to do. Our experts are here to enable your success.