Esteban Lopez
Esteban Lopez​
Data Engineer

Focus Areas
  • Data & Analytics​
  • Growth opportunity based on data ​
  • Data visualization and insight gathering​
  • B.S. in Computer engineering at Sergio Arboleda University ​
  • Data Science at DS4A ​
Data Engineer

Esteban Lopez​

Esteban is passionate about all facets of data analysis, finding satisfaction in all stages of the process. He focuses on delivering client value with a high attention to detail, employing a diverse set of tools to transform raw data into operational opportunities. Esteban has skills in data visualization, ETL pipelines, and generating insights.

Coming from a varied background in banking, telecommunications and consulting; he has experience leading data visualization teams, guiding processes for data delivery, and recently guided a telecommunications company to grow their marketing and sales metrics by 21% through the identification of trends/patterns that established new call-to-action processes.  He is constantly honing his existing skills and adding new ones as projects require.

Esteban aims to enhance a client’s data environment, leveraging tools like visualization, ETL pipelines, and generating insights for tangible operational growth.

Residing in Bogota, Colombia, Esteban shares his home with his wife and cat. When he’s not working, he can be found engaging in exercise, reading, and cooking activities.