David Jaramillo
David Jaramillo
Data Professional

Focus Areas
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Pipelines
  • Machine Learning Implementation
  • BS in Statistics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Data Professional

David Jaramillo

David is a dedicated data professional with relevant experience across the data lifecycle, from architecture and pipelines to analysis and forecasting.

David is a committed and thoughtful data professional specializing in facilitating the understanding and decision-making of businesses by implementing pragmatic and easy-to-understand data products.

Before joining Cuesta, David held various roles in data science and data analysis, mainly focusing on data pipelines, ETL, automation, descriptive analysis, data visualization, forecasting, and business intelligence.

David has worked in various industries, from finance and technology, to food and beverage, consistently improving data culture and processes to facilitate making business decisions using automation and analysis from raw unused data.

David joined Cuesta because he is passionate about using data to optimize, centralize, and build processes that are available to all interested stakeholders in the business process to enhance performance at multiple levels of an organization.

David lives in Medellin, Colombia, with his family and two dogs. In his free time, he exercises, plays the piano, and enjoys the latest movies and TV shows.