$100m Multi-site Healthcare Client

Operations in North America

ERP Software Selection Services

Developed Strategy for Near-term EBITDA Growth


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Process Improvement
  • Roadmap Definition
  • Business Case Development


This Multi-site healthcare provider was running EOL software and struggled significantly to perform simple business operations. Additionally, they sought Near-term EBITDA growth strategy in preparation for an exit


  • The company had minimal visibility into its patient acquisition funnel and was using End-of-life technology to support the clinics. This led to significant manual pain-points and broken processes (e.g. RCM and reporting)
  • The company’s End-of-life ERP complicated necessary technological advancements, such as online scheduling
  • The business, which was PE backed, needed a strategy and detailed near-term roadmap to minimize 18-24 month exit risk


  • Cuesta leveraged a four-person team to provide business cases and recommendations for approximately $10M in near-term EBITDA growth
  • Cuesta developed a strategy centered around the use of technology to improve performance, including:
    • Re-alignment of patient acquisition funnel
    • Roadmap to fix the foundation of the business (new ERP, Financial System, Reporting system, RCM)
    • Accelerate clinic acquisition process through expansion of marketing and in-house technology capabilities