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Industry 4.0: Shifting the Power of Technology Back to the Business

In some ways, the Second Industrial Revolution finished what the First started.  Powering machines with steam had been a massive step forward, but by the 1840s/50s the pace of innovation had slowed.  It wasn’t until the 1870s, when electricity was made broadly available and was combined with increased labor, natural resources and a network of […]

IT Diligence in the Age of COVID-19

With a speed that remains difficult to fully appreciate, we find ourselves transported to the surreal era of COVID-19.  General Motors now manufacturers ventilators, Tito’s produces hand sanitizer, and bidets have gone from vaguely strange to utterly reasonable. And while we struggle to maintain focus amidst the deluge of heartbreaking headlines, it is clear this […]

How To Actually Monetize Your Data

A few years ago, it seemed that every pitch – from early-stage VC decks to banker composed CIMs – ended with a proclamation that the firm’s core operations would generate a valuable data set that could be sold to others.  This was to be a soft of alchemical tailwind that made good business models great. […]

The Democratization of Warehouse Automation

Running a warehouse is an ongoing exercise in optimizing speed, efficiency and accuracy.  Achieving concurrent excellence in all three has always been elusive, a dynamic exacerbated by the precipitous growth of ecommerce and, more recently, the implications of social distancing. Adding additional complexity is the fact retail locations are now pulling double duty as both […]

Robotic Process Automation Can Be Key Tool For Driving Value

Historically, there have been two basic ways for knowledge workers to complete digital tasks: packaged productivity tools (e.g. Microsoft Office) and purpose-built business applications (e.g. Salesforce, SAP, or custom business applications). Generally speaking, productivity apps have been the domain of business users while business applications have been managed by IT. With due respect to some […]

Cloud-Powered Technologies Enable Quick Improvements On Manufacturing Floor

Peter Drucker, the giant of business management education, has many famous quotes.  Perhaps the most well-known of the bunch, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Any self-respecting manager instinctively agrees, and billions are spent annually in its pursuit.  Yet many shop floors still don’t have full visibility into their production, a shortfall […]